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This serie consists of six books which have been written by our teachers. At the moment, our books are used in our school and in the Turkish courses in some of the European universities, as resources for the lessons. The books for the first six courses have been prepared by Zeki SÖZER and Hakan YILMAZ. The book for the seventh Course, "Ilerleyen Türkcem" has been written by Recai Ünal.

Lesson Books:


Reading Books:

‘I Read Turkish’ series consist of four books which have been written for the "Elementary Turkish I,II" and Intermediate Turkish I,II" Levels (CD+ exercises + answer key). Italian,Spanish,Chinese, Japanese, French,Russian, Arabic,German and Greek translations of the series are available.

Self-Study Books:

‘I Study Turkish by Myself 1’ & ‘I Study Turkish by Myself 2’ contain the Level 1 & 2 grammar subjects with the explanations in English (exercises + answer key). Greek, Russian,Spanish, Chinese,Swedish,German, French, Arabic, Japanese and Italian translations of the series are available. (“Mαθαίνω Τoυρkýkα -MЕΘOΔOΣ AYTOΔIΔAΣKAΛIAΣ 1- 2”, “САМОУЧИТЕЛЬ ТУРЕЦКОГО ЯЗЫКА 1-2”, “ESTUDIO TURCO MÉTODO AUTODIDACTA 1-2”, "Ich lerne selbstständig Türkisch 1-2", "J’apprends le Turc 1-2" and “IMPARO IL TURCO Corso Autodidatta di Lingua Turca 1-2”.)

‘Case Suffixes in Turkish' contains the case suffixes used with the verbs that taught at Elementary Level (with the English translation of these verbs + exercises + answer key)-.Greek, Russian and German translations of the book are available.

The indirect speech and some subordinate clauses

This book by Zeki SÖZER, a lecturer in our School, deals with two of the most difficult subjects for foreigners: the subordinate clauses built with "Dik", -"EcEk" and "mE" and the indirect speech. The book contains explanations on these structures as well as exercises and their key.

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